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I posted the other day about Oriana returning several days early to Southampton because of mechanical problems – the problems were to be fixed while she was in port. I see that she has now left on her next cruise (to Northern Norway, I believe) but she departed Southampton at around 4am this morning instead of yesterday afternoon. Perhaps the repair work took longer than planned. Let’s hope that it was finished, in fact, and that Oriana and her passengers will have a successful cruise.

Update: I put a query about this onto the P&O Facebook site and there have been some responses. Melanie Kervin commented that the repairs did indeed take longer than expected, and there was then a further delay while she bunkered; and Sandie Roberts pointed out that early this evening she was doing a bit better than 25 knots off the Kent coast. Currently (22:30) she’s in the North Sea doing nearly 24 knots and she’s expected into Stavanger at 06:30 tomorrow morning. So all the evidence suggest’s that Oriana’s repair work was successful.

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  1. Lyn says:

    Was on the ??????cruise. Two divers were on board and two divers flew into Alta and were seen working on the Oriana ? the propeller shaft over two days in Alta. Noro virus was spreading throughout the ship from 1st march when it sailed ,and it was not contained. Electrical, plumbing ,toilets flooding problems to name a few. Dead in the water in Alta fjord due to pumps not able to take in sea water to cool engines. Public toilets ,hand basins and hand dryers out of order. Health and safety issues .

    • Tom says:

      Thanks for the comment, Lyn. Can you confirm which cruise this was?

    • Valerie Smith says:

      Hi Lyn,

      We were on this cruise and I developed the Norovirus the day we got home. We have cruised several times with P & O but have never experienced a cruise from hell like this one,. There was also a flood on deck 9 which affected our table companions. Did you know about that?
      It all started badly when we tried to book our excursions before the booklet came out only to find the ones we wanted to do were all sold out. Can’t believe the things that went wrong,.

      • Lyn says:

        yes , I knew all about the flooding of corridors and cabins on deck 9,our friends toilet kept flooding and he got to the point of turning off the stop cock that was shown to him by the plumbers before phoning .In the Peninsular restaurant at our table the water was dripping ,waiters tried to say condensation but it took a wad of the paper napkins and it stuck to the ceiling as wet paper, you could see water stained marks on ceiling tile. Public toilets were out of order and the same complaints I have noticed on the cruise after us .Hope that your on the mend ,passengers have been saying about the Noro virus on the Oriana for some time.

  2. Lyn says:

    Hi Tom Oriana March 1st -13th , 2014 X405N ,saw people wearing masks and blue over shoes due to ,noro virus .Was in the shower 12th march @08.50 hrs when water stopped and aircon stopped, went to the Peninsular 09.15 for breakfast to be told all the galley was down they had no water or electric. I could write pages on the cruise , was glad to get home. The captain being called captain b—s—. by passengers , Oriana sustained waves shooting over the crows nest deck 14 and that was the captain avoiding the storm. Must add I did not suffer seasickness. Having done 29+ cruises it is the worst ship I have sailed for breakdown and public toilets not being checked regularly ,or maybe they could not fix things.

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