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Oriana returning early


Oriana off Cowes, 2012

This is rather old news, but it’s worth mentioning. P&O’s Oriana will be arriving back in Southampton this afternoon, about two and a half days earlier than scheduled. She’s finishing a cruise to the Canary Islands which should have taken her until Saturday morning. However, she experienced problems with a propeller shaft seal which meant that her speed was reduced. Eventually the decision was taken to cut the cruise significantly short to allow sufficient time for repair work to be done in Southampton. She’s currently (07:40)  at the western end of the English Channel, doing around 15 knots.

Passengers will apparently be allowed to stay on board, in Southampton, until Saturday morning! – although presumably those who want to get home early will be able to do so. Passengers will also be compensated with one of these two options (passenger’s choice):

  • a 40% refund of the fare they paid for the current, truncated cruise; or
  • a credit of 100% of the fare they paid for this cruise against a future cruise on Oriana either this year or next.

I haven’t heard any great objection to these proposals, so I imagine that one or the other has found acceptance. (I’d take the 40% refund – we cruise for the itinerary so the next cruise we wanted to do might not be on Oriana.)

Here’s a link to P&O’s Facebook page which includes the announcement of Oriana’s problems. It’s a bit down the page, and is dated 20 February. (I told you it was old news….)

Finally, I wonder if Oriana’s high-speed dash up the channel on 13/14 February to stay ahead of the storm caused the damage? I have read some casual comments from passengers on her at that time to the effect that the previous 24 hours has been ‘an exciting ride’.

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