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I’ve heard that cruise R424 on Aurora has been cancelled. This was a four-night cruise to Amsterdam and Bruges, with a day at sea before the call at Amsterdam and was due to start on 29 November and finish on 3 December. Crucially, it was the cruise immediately prior to Aurora’s refit, which was scheduled to last from the 3rd to the 19th of December.

Obviously they’ve decided they need a bit more time for the refit work. They may be feeling a bit sensitive about this sort of issue – Arcadia’s refit had to be extended by a day or so earlier this winter, which resulted in the cancellation of the first cruise afterwards. The ostensible reason on that occasion was (very) high winds which prevented cranes from being used rather than extra work, but the impact was the same. So perhaps P&O are being very cautious this time. After all, we’ve not been told of any additional work in the refit.

But wait! – we have!! I did a post some weeks ago about the new hull art on Britannia – basically, a stylised Union flag on the bows. This is actually going to be rolled out across the whole fleet. The information we have says that Aurora will get it first so presumably that will be done during her refit next winter. But surely they wouldn’t cancel a cruise just so they could paint a flag on a ship? Would they??

Here’s a (computer-generated) image from the P&O Facebook showing how they think Britannia will look with the hull art.


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