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Contrasting views of the condition of Marco Polo’s condition have emerged.

First, the widow of the elderly man who was killed when some windows were in the restaurant were smashed by a large wave has criticised of the state of the ship. She has been reported as saying that it was badly maintained. There’s a page covering her comments on the BBC News web site.

Secondly, the same page also includes the response by the chief executive of Cruise and Maritime Voyage, Marco Polo’s operators, in which he points out that Marco Polo is subject to, and has passed, regular inspection.

Thirdly, Marco Polo was allowed to leave Tilbury for her next cruise on Sunday night, after repairs were made to the restaurant windows.

And fourthly, there’s a passenger comment on Malcolm Oliver’s Cruiseblog.

3 Responses to “Contrasting views of Marco Polo's condition”

  1. Kris H says:

    Whatever the rights and wrongs it’s a personal tradegy for the mans family

  2. Malcolm Oliver says:

    Hi Tom, thanks for linking my blog.

    I fully understand why the Widow would assume that the accident was a result of poor maintenance. However only the maritime experts can determine the cause. Some relatively new ships have suffered broken glass, in storms and passenger injury or death.

    Many older ships have a few sports of rust here and there. In fact many newer ships do. That’s why they are regularly painted in port. It probably does not reflect the state of the ships structure.

    After a speedy repair on Sunday (just one day) the Marco Polo set off on her next cruise. The repairs were approved by the authorities.

    We will have to await the results of any investigation.

  3. Malcolm Oliver says:

    2015: The recent inquest gave a verdict of “Accidental Death”. I wonder if that officially vindicates the ship/line?

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