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I’ve come across an interesting article about the on-going arguments over the new and forthcoming restrictions on cruise ships in Venice. The article reports that Venice Passenger Terminals (the cruise port at Venice) has launched a legal appeal to have the ban on ships over 96,000 tons from using the Giudecca canal deferred until the alternative channel is available. Roberto Perrochio, managing director of VPT, says that urgent efforts are underway to start the project to dredge the new channel to the passenger terminals from the south west (and thus avoiding the Giudecca canal) with the aim that the new channel will be available for the 2016 season. I think he’s arguing that if the dredging of the new channel is definitely scheduled, it’s reasonable to defer the ban until the new channel is ready.

That’s interesting news, but perhaps a bit late even if the court action is successful. The lines must have made their 2015 plans by now, and they’ve had to do so on the basis of what they knew during last year, i.e. that the largest ships would not be able to access Venice. As I posted here, there are indications that P&O have made plans to substitute Oceana (77,499 tons) for Ventura (113,651 tons) on their Mediterranean fly-cruises in 2015.

Here’s a link to the article I’ve been referring to, and here’s a link to the VPT site. Nothing about it on the latter, however.

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