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It’s a terrible night in the English Channel. It’s reported that Marco Polo was hit by a very large wave while passing up the channel on her way back to Harwich (update: Tilbury, not Harwich). A window was broken and passengers were injured, and two needed to be airlifted off. One of them, an 85-year old man, has since died. Other passengers on board Marco Polo were injured.

The captains of two P&O ships decided that shelter was better than sailing. Oriana got back to Southampton this evening, ahead of her scheduled arrival tomorrow morning, and Oceana’s departure this afternoon has been delayed until sometime tomorrow when it will be safer. Southampton therefore has the very unusual experience of having two cruise ships berthed overnight.

2 Responses to “A wild night: Marco Polo passenger dies and P&O ships shelter”

  1. Malcolm Oliver says:

    Yes a tragedy on-board Marc Polo. She is in fact a strong little ships and was built with a ice strengthened hull for Baltic ice. She used to cruise to Antarctica each year.

    I was once told by a P&O officer than in some circumstances a ship risk less damage being at sea than being berthed in a dock. Mooring have been know to break in storms and ships have hit the dock-side or other berthed ships.

  2. Malcolm Oliver says:

    …. hope that this incident does not damage the career of the Marco Polo. Although very very rare, a whole range of cruise ships, including big new ones, (inc. P&O) have suffered damage, injury and/or death in storms.

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