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I’ve read a couple of suggestions that Oceana might be doing P&O’s Mediterranean fly-cruises in 2015.

P&O (and other lines) have a problem from November this year – their biggest ships won’t be allowed to call at Venice. P&O’s Ventura, which is doing the fly-cruise programme this year, comfortably exceeds the 96,000 ton limit that will apply for transit of the Giudecca canal from November, which means that they have to find an alternative ship. Azura is the same size and Britannia will be even bigger, so they can’t be used. They will also want a family-friendly ship and that leaves just Oceana and Aurora – the remaining ships (Oriana, Adonia and Arcadia) are adults-only.

The evidence for this seems to be that port calls at Civitavecchia for 2015 have been located. I gather that Oceana is apparently listed there once every 14 days, which looks like the same schedule as Ventura’s calls for this year. This strongly suggests that P&O will be persisting with their Mediterranean fly-cruises in 2015, and probably with the same itineraries as they will be doing this year. If I can find the links to the list of port calls,  I’ll post them here.

The picture of Oceana above was taken at Lisbon a few years ago.

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  1. Hi Tom. Just to let you know, don’t know if you’ve seen but I’ve added the link to the Civitavecchia port schedule onto the Cruise Critic thread for you. It is a bit of a pain of a website to find the schedule as you have to look at each individual day.

  2. […] what they knew during last year, i.e. that the largest ships would not be able to access Venice. As I posted here, there are indications that P&O have made plans to substitute Oceana (77,499 tons) for Ventura […]

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