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The Port of Southampton has just posted the complete cruise ship schedule for 2014 on their website. You can find the schedule here. (Update: at 2pm 4 February their server seems to have crashed.)

For ship spotters there are a few interesting days. There are a number of 4-ship days, plus 3 5-ship days, on 24 May, 31 May and 12 July. Most interestingly of all there is a 6 ship day, on 17 May, when P&O’s Aurora and Oceana, Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas, MSC Opera and Fred Olsen’s Black Watch and Balmoral will be in port. It’s unusual to see two Fred Olsen ships in Southampton on the same day, and in fact I checked to see if that was correct – and according to the Fred Olsen site, it is. Black Watch will be leaving on a (leisurely-looking) 16 night cruise to to the western Mediterranean, and Balmoral will be off on a 14-night Baltic cruise to St Petersburg via the Kiel Canal. As far as I can see that’s the only time two Fred Olsen ships will be in Southampton together this year. I could be tempted to visit that day.

Going back to the calls at Southampton, one strange thing is that those 5 and 6 ship days are followed by a 1 ship day, so the overall weekend tally won’t be high. There are a few other ‘6 ship weekends’, e.g. 4 ships on 8 August followed by 2 on 9 August.

Anyway, let’s finish with a picture of Black Watch which I took at Rouen in December 2011.


Black Watch berthed at Rouen

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