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Some P&O snippets

A couple of snippets from P&O for the first post for a couple of weeks, almost.

First, cruises in and out of Venice. This picks up on something I’ve been posting about regularly – the changes in policy regarding access to the Venice cruise terminal via the Giudecca canal. From November this year ships over 96,000 tons or so won’t be allowed to do so, and the new passage that avoids the Giudecca canal won’t be dredged until sometime in 2015, it seems. So after this November large ships won’t be able to cruise into or out of Venice at all. P&O have made this point a feature of a recent post on Facebook, and have (rather cutely) linked it back to a booking page for this year’s Ventura fly-cruises which (of course) go to, or from, Venice. Here’s a link to the collection of posts I’ve done on this topic. (It includes this one, of course.)

Secondly, I received an email from P&O promising some ‘exciting new Britannia news’. On reading it I discovered that it concerned the fact that Britannia (and indeed the whole fleet) will receive some hull art – ” a stylised Union Flag sweeping across the bow captures the spirit of Britain today”. Aurora gets it first, and Britannia will take to the seas with hers. The email announced this under the banner “Proud to be British”. Well, yes I am, but I don’t feel the need to wave a flag all the time. Then there’s the whole “what constitutes a British ship?” question. Let’s see, Aurora (which will get the hull art first) has the following characteristics:-

  • she was built in Germany;
  • she belongs ultimately to a US corporation;
  • her port of registry is Hamilton, Bermuda.

That doesn’t sound very British to me. It all sounds pure marketing – there’s nothing here that will affect her passengers’ cruise experience one bit, yet somehow this is “exciting news”. Oh well – perhaps I should go away and be grumpy elsewhere. Let’s finish off with a picture of St Mark’s basin in Venice – and not taken from a cruise ship.


2 Responses to “Some P&O snippets”

  1. Malcolm Fowler says:

    Interesting post as usual Tom. I too wondered about the flag business, I agree with the points you raised. Another is the outcome of the Scottish vote and how it will affect the union flag. Perhaps that is why P&O are waiting until 2015 to ensure they use the correct flag.

  2. Gary says:

    I like the new livery and as the majority of P&O’s passangers are from the British isles and the union flag is seen as British I think it’s only fitting that it’s used regardless of any business/political border wranglings. People will be able to spot a P&O ship from some distance even if you don’t know P&O’s ships (as most people don’t) just as you can an Aida ship from it’s livery (shudder) though you might not realise it’s German. The current P&O livery is a bit stale so I’m glad they’ve updated it witthout going over the top.

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