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Another P&O snippet

It seems that P& have had to arrange for regional flights for Ventura’s fly cruises in the Mediterranean this year. (They start in the spring, of course.) As originally advertised, flights were only available from London, Birmingham and Manchester. However it’s now been announced that flights for 14-night cruises will be available from various regional airports. Here’s the list:

  • Bournemouth – 2 cruises, 28 May & 17 Sep;
  • Belfast – 1 cruise, 23 July;
  • Cardiff – 4 cruises, 2 April, 30 April, 11 June, & 3 September
  • East Midlands – 2 cruises, 20 August & 15 october (that last one returns from Malaga, as it’s the final cruise of the season – Ventura then heads straight back to the Caribbean);
  • Glasgow – 2 cruises, 25 June & 9 July;
  • Newcastle – 3 cruises, 16 April, 14 May & 1 October;
  • Stansted – 1 cruise, 6 August.

All of the flights from those regional airports are to and from Genoa, so the cruises from them can only start and finish there. However there is also:

  • Edinburgh – 15 cruises from Venice, and it looks like it’s every two week cruise starting from there.

I imagine that in order to make the flights work, it will only be possible to book a two-week cruise with the return flight from the regional airport – it won’t be possible to to book a one-week cruise and a one-way flight from them.

Here’s a link to the P&O website page.

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