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Cunard and P&O have posted almost identical advice notes in the Frequently Asked Questions sections of their websites. In response to the question “Do you offer shuttle services at ports of call?”, Cunard have posted this reply:

Depending on where you are travelling to, shuttle buses may be available.

Please see ‘Where can I find information about going ashore independently at ports of call?’ to view details of ports of call and the distances/ shuttle services to the local towns and destinations.

Please note, any shuttle service provided is complimentary to those benefitting from Vantage and Cunard fares. Those guests on Getaway fares departing from March 2014, Early Savers & other promotional fares will be charged for using this service. Charges will be applied to your on board account which should be settled at the end of your cruise.

The cost of the shuttle service at each port varies and you will advised of the cost at each port once on board, prices range from $4.00 – $8.00 per person per journey (prices are subject to change). Children under the age of 14 years of age will be charged at 50% of the adult rate. Infants under the age of two years will not be charged.

In some ports it may be compulsory for a shuttle bus to be used to exit the port due to health and safety reasons. In these instances, these will be supplied complimentary for all guests and all guests will be notified on board.

P&O’s guidance is almost identical, except that the reference to fare types reads “….any shuttle service provided is complimentary to those benefitting from Vantage and P&O Cruises Select fares“, and the quoted prices are from £2.50 to £5.00 .

7 Responses to “Charges for P&O and Cunard shuttle buses”

  1. rosie says:

    Tom, thanks for bringing this up. If one recently booked one of the select fares,with the large OBS, do we think that will count as select fare, so you get shuttles free, or promotional fare, so you don’t.

    • Tom says:

      I’ve updated the post a little to specifically quote the qualifying P&O fare type, which reads “Vantage and P&O Cruises Select fares”. So if you’ve booked a Select fare then you should qualify, regardless of any other benefits you might have got as part of a Select fare marketing campaign. Your documentation should make the type of fare you’re on clear.

      But that’s my interpretation, of course. If you have a query about this you should either raise it with P&O (especially if you booked direct with them) or with your TA.

  2. It will be interesting to see how Cunard and P&O operate this system, which was announced last year. Shuttle services are invariably driver-only. Not all of them are fluent English speakers. Will they have to have conductors on each bus to check passengers’ tickets?

  3. Neil R says:

    My understanding is that the system will work via purchasing tickets on board the ship prior to going shore side (a bit like the launch system in Venice). I assume that Vantage/Select pax will be provided with these FOC and Getaway/Early Saver will need to buy them from Reception and these would then be checked as you got on the bus.

    We booked the Arcadia Venice cruise in April last week and there is something to this effect in the cruise personaliser but can’t remember the exact wording. There are only 2 ports on that itinerary (Dubrovnik and Corfu) where a shuttle bus is needed, or indeed available, so I think people need to think carefully about the ports and if this is indeed a “perk”. For example no port in the Caribbean has (or needs) shuttle buses.

    Interestingly based on the OP’s comments, the additional OBS on Select fares still doesn’t swing it for us. The cost of booking an Early Saver still works out cheaper than Select+OBS based on our typical spend. Interestingly Early Saver fares for the Arcadia cruise we are on have disappeared other than outside over the past week or so.

    Perhaps unsurprisingly every single Ventura Fly Med cruise has every cabin grade still available at Early Saver and these are falling at a rate of knots, so I predict a hasty return for the Big V to Southampton in 2016 (thank goodness)

  4. Neil R says:

    Of course that should have read a hasty return to Southampton in 2015 !!!

  5. Vinh Mac says:

    I will be taking the Queen Elizabeth from Port Everglades (Fort Laudedale, Florida) in January 2015 and will arrive by plane to Fort Lauderdale (FLL).
    Does Cunard has a shuttle service from FLL to Cunard dock site? And how much if any per person? Any other transportation suggestion?

    • Tom says:

      I’m sorry but I’m afraid I don’t know anything about arrangements for embarkation in Florida. Can I suggest that the best thing would be to contact Cunard N America nearer the time? Alternatively (or as well, possibly), have a look at the various on-line forums. Cruise Critic have an active Cunard forum, and there is also a ‘Roll Call’ thread for the 2015 QE World Cruise and its segments.

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