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P&O have released another short video about the design of their forthcoming new ship, Britannia. This time it’s about the interior design. You can find it here, on YouTube. There are all the usual gobbledegook statements – “That’s the big word – wow, wow, wow!” – and is it just me, or is Christopher Edgington really, really annoying? Oh wait – he’s a marketing specialist; that must be it.

However, the video does give us some clues as to what is being planned for the interior of this ship, so I watched it with interest. All the time I was doing so, however, I kept reminding myself that this is not an entirely new ship; it’s the third in the Royal Princess class, the first two of which – Royal Princess (already in service) and Regal Princess (arriving next year) – are with Princess. Here are a couple of examples where it seems to me that facilities that were already a feature of the Royal Princess design are being presented as they’re special for Britannia:

  • 59 seconds in, Emma Masters says “the spa is huge, and we’ve separated the gym from the spa area…”. Yes indeed, which is how it already is on Royal Princess: the spa is on deck 5, near the bottom of the atrium, while the gym is on deck 17 towards the stern;
  • Terry McGillicuddy says (at about 2:05) “We’ve actually moved some of the rooms quite radically around, for instance the Glasshouse into the top of the atrium space….”. I agree, I think that’s a good place for a bar, but so presumably did the design team for Royal Princess because at the top of the atrium on that ship is Crooners, an US-style Martini bar.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m pleased that we aren’t going to get a cookie-cutter clone of the two Princess ships. That atrium (2:09 for a good view across the ship, I think) looks a lot more restrained than the atrium on Royal Princess and I’m sure that all of the bars and lounges will be updated versions of P&O favourites. But this video reinforces my view that the essential design decisions for Britannia were taken when Royal Princess was designed; all that’s left is to decide the decor and style of a space that was always going to be a bar, or lounge, or buffet, etc. There’s no scope to rearrange things completely. (Here’s a link to a page on the Princess site showing the Royal Princess deck plans.)

But we shall know more in the spring. Britannia goes into service in 2015 so her cruise itineraries and deck plans will have to be in next year’s brochure.

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