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Arcadia will be delayed getting back to Southampton, and as a result her next cruise, a two-night cross-channel cruise, will be cancelled. The stated reason for the delay is strong winds in Northern Europe. There’s a statement on the P&O Facebook page, but here’s what it says:

Unfortunately due to strong storms in Northern Europe Arcadia has been delayed in leaving her refurbishment in Germany. As a result, we have had to take the difficult decision to cancel the two night cruise departing on Sunday. We are currently contacting all of our customers by email or phone to advise them of the cancellation. Everyone booked will be getting a full refund and a future cruise credit. There are also options for passengers to move to any other two night cruise next year. We are really sorry that we have had to cancel this cruise and passengers can call us on 0843 374 0012 or contact their travel agent to discuss their options. Thank you.”

I do sympathise with disappointed passengers, but I don’t think I would ever book the first cruise on any ship after a refit – there’s always a possibility that it will be cancelled. And in this case, that two-night cruise always looked a bit like a sacrificial cow, in my opinion.

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  1. elaine says:

    when i booked this trip i wasnt even aware the ship was having a refit!!

    • Tom says:


      Ah…. I hadn’t thought of that possibility. My apologies if I sounded flippant about what must be a very disappointing occurrence, I didn’t mean to. I ought to realise that not everyone shares my geekish enthusiasm for all things cruise-like; I should remember that most people just want to have a good holiday.

      Let me salvage what I can from this faux-pas and ask you what you’ve decided to do? And can I ask, how did you hear about the cancellation?

  2. elaine says:

    this was to be my first cruising experience, mainly because my daughter will be dancing with the headliners aboard the arcadia for the next six months including the world cruise, so it will be a while before i see her again. it would have been lovely to watch her perform and see where she will be spending her time, i had also planned to take her christmas presents on board, so you can probably imagine how disappointed i am. i had an email from P&O and an email from the travel company who had tried to ring me, but didnt receive either until tuesday evening, short notice considering i was supposed to be going on sunday

    • Tom says:


      You must indeed be very disappointed. I haven’t really got anything very positive to add, except to say that cruising really is great fun once you get on a ship…. I hope you’ll have a chance to see your daughter before she sets off on Arcadia’s next cruise.

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