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D734-2Phil Brown, who has commented to this blog before now and has made images available to me, has sent me an email with a few pictures of the balcony for cabin D734 on Ventura. That’s one of the aft-facing cabins, and in fact one of those with the stanchion running up through the balcony. One of Phil’s images is shown here. I hadn’t realised that these balconies were quite so deep, and that the cabins were recessed so far into the balcony overhang. It looks as if it would be a good mix of open to the sunshine, yet shaded on the hottest and sunniest days.

Phil wrote:

I was in D734 on Azura over the summer (at the stern) and absolutely loved it.  The balcony is huge (deep) and the obstruction hardly gets in the way.

I thought you might like the attached photos to highlight the size.

I’ve put the images in the Ventura and Azura Balcony Resource page – Update 3, near the bottom. The page also has an image which shows the location of this cabin.

Many thanks, Phil.

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