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Well, apologies for not posting much the last week or so. I have two excuses: a) there hasn’t been much to post, and b) I have to admit that I have been rather caught up in all the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary stuff. Which I thought was great, btw. I really enjoyed the main programme on Saturday – John Hurt brought a level of gravitas and authority to it that hadn’t been there before, Billie Piper was mesmerising as the Conscience of the WMD and didn’t come off second-best to John Hurt at all, the plotting was complex but enjoyable, the dialog was good, and the final couple of minutes with Tom Baker was very moving. Best line was Billie Piper’s: “Look at you – stuck between a girl and a box. The story of your life, eh, Doctor?”. I also enjoyed the  “Night of the Doctor” mini-episode – it answered the great big question as to where John Hurt’s Doctor fitted into the chronology, and it also brought Paul McGann’s Doctor fully into the fold. But enough of this digression…


Arcadia passing Ryde

Arcadia has just left for her refit at Bremerhaven, where I think she’s due to arrive some time tomorrow – that’s a webcam grab alongside, taken at 13:25 today. The next time we see she’ll look different, with that new deck house high up – I hope she doesn’t look top-heavy as a result.

I’ve covered what’s going to be done during the refit several times, most recently in this post. There’s not much time for what seems to be a lot of work – Arcadia’s next cruise starts on 15 December for two nights, then a 24 night cruise on 17 December.

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