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I’ve read a report that suggests that the changes for cruise ship access to Venice could have major impacts on the city’s cruise trade. The first restriction, from next January, of a reduction of 20% of all cruise ship movements through St. Mark’s basin, could result in 48 fewer ship calls, perhaps 300,000 fewer visitors, €80m or or more in lost revenue and 800 lost jobs. The more serious restriction of no ships over 96000 tons passing St. Mark’s basin, which comes into effect from the end of 2014, could result in180 fewer ship calls, 1m fewer passengers, more than €250m in lost revenue and cost more than 2500 jobs for the city as a whole.

I’ve also read that the cost of creating the new channel, from the Maghera commercial channel to the cruise terminal, will take two years to build and cost €150m. There is apparently a cheaper alternative, which is to create a new channel the other side of Giudecca island; it’s suggested that this might take 18 months to construct and cost €60m.

I’ll try to find a publishable reference source for all of this.

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