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Arcadia_1200_MG_0546I’ve done a few posts previously about the forthcoming refit for Arcadia. Mainly these have been about what the refit will cover. When it was first announced over a year ago there were going to be single cabins down where the disco is, the globe was going to be altered, and there were to be changes to the shops and cabins. Then when the 2014 brochures appeared we found that the single cabins were all on the Sky deck as part of a new deck house containing about 24 cabins which will be located just behind the Crows nest. Information on the Lloyd Werft website confirmed the installation of the deckhouse and also mentioned a number of general maintenance tasks.

Now we have some more information. It’s appeared in the new issue of ‘Our World’, the P&O loyalty scheme magazine, and it says that the following jobs will be done during the refit:

  • the new deckhouse will be installed on deck 10;
  • a new glass wall will be built around the Globe and it will become the new late night dancing venue;
  • the Orchid restaurant will be replaced by an Atul Kochhar ‘East’ restaurant;
  • the Crows nest will get “a complete makeover including a feature bar”;
  • all cabins will get new carpets, new curtains and new wide-screen (flat screen?) TVs
  • the shops will be improved “for a more extensive shopping experience”;
  • and finally, the required changes will be made to the Meridian restaurant to accommodate Fredom Dining as well as Club Dining.
Bar in Arcadia's Crows nest

Bar in Arcadia’s Crows nest

I’ll be interested to learn what the ‘feature bar’ is going to be like in the Crows Nest. My feeling is that at the moment it’s a great room during the day but not so good at night, so if they can make it a bit more like Metropolis or The Planet Bar that would be good, or alternatively giving it a Glass House makeover would also be good. We’ll see. (PIcutre of current bar alongside.)

Arcadia’s refit is due to start at Bremerhaven on 25 November.

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