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I have just received a couple of email from Christopher Edgington about my existing bookings and how the new fares will apply to them. First, here’s the general stuff which is common to both emails:

I am writing to tell you that from 4 November we are changing the way that we price our holidays departing from Spring 2014 and, as you have a future booking with us, I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know what this change means in general and specifically for your booking.

Our new pricing will offer different pricing options for our holidays. For passengers who want a price with the most added value, we have the P&O Cruises Select Price. This price, which will be the one shown in our brochure, will be inclusive of the benefits that customers have told us they value the most, such as full cabin choice and first priority for dining. In addition, we are introducing a new price called Early Saver. This is the price for our passengers who have told us they want a great price, without every benefit included in the Select Price.

Our new pricing is designed to offer the best value and improved benefits to all of our customers, based on when they want to book and the benefits that they want to see. As a direct result of these changes we have reduced the price on a number of cruises and some may also offer an Early Saver.

I have to say that that last point – …and some may also offer an Early Saver – does confuse me a bit. I had thought that *all* cruises would have both fare types, but perhaps not. Or maybe this is because we’re still in mid-season.

Then there’s a section in both emails explaining how the new fare structure will apply to our specific existing bookings. First in the case of our summer cruise on Azura, the relevant email says this:

Turning to your booking with us in June. whilst your cruise departs after the changes to our pricing have been made, the Select Price for your cruise has not been reduced at this time. I would like to assure you that the terms and condition of your booking have not changed and your Price Promise continues to be in place for the life of your booking and is now against the P&O Cruises Select Price.

In the future, if we lower this price, we will write to you and offer a benefit equal to the price reduction.

So the Price Promise is not dead yet!

Then for our cruise on Arcadia at Christmas time on Arcadia, the email says this:

Turning to your booking with us in December. As mentioned above, we are reducing the Select Price on a number of departures and your cruise is one that has been reduced. We will continue to fulfill our Price Promise to you and because the Select Price has been reduced, we will be applying a complimentary on board spend to your booking, the amount of which is shown below.

Complimentary on board spend £140.00

This is the total amount that will be added for the booking as a whole, and is in addition to any other credit you may have already been entitled to receive. This can be spent in the on board shops, bars, restaurants, spas and towards shore excursions booked on board. This amount is not refundable or transferable and will be applied to your booking in the next two weeks.

I would also like to assure you that the terms and conditions of your Price Promise will remain for the life of your booking and should we reduce the P&O Cruises Select Price in the future, we will write to you again with a further benefit.

So we’ve got a bit of extra OBC for that cruise.

At the moment I don’t know what to think – it all actually looks a bit like a re-branding of Vantage and Getaway fares. But, as I said above, perhaps it will all be clearer once we get the next brochure out and start dealing with cruises that never had Vantage or Getaway fares.

2 Responses to “More details on new fares”

  1. rosie says:

    We’ve had the same email, but our cruise has not gone down yet, so no further OBC for us-yet!!!
    I am reading it that select fares will be there if you want bells and whistles. Only if the select fare goes down will one get OBC, as you have done…so when the bleating starts you can say it does work as you got OBC.
    Saver fares , paying less, but still having some choice , and the late bookings will have the equivalant of getaway fares but no bells and whistles.
    Also I am reading it that upgrades will be offered to select fares first,which when you think about it-is the fair way.

  2. carol reed says:

    We’ve had the same email. Its disappointing that we couldn’t have had a small reduction in our fare, being as we’ve booked so early.

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