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I gather that Vantage and Getaway fares, on both P&O and Cunard, are being replaced. They have been staked, shot with a silver bullet, and doused with Holy Water. They are no more.

The lines are making announcements today that these fare categories are being replaced by ‘P&O Select Price’ and ‘Cunard Fares’, which will replace Vantage fares, and ‘Early Saver’ fares which will replace Getaway fares. The differences between them will be pretty much as suggested in this previous post. The higher fares will allow choice of cabin, choice of dining arrangements, priority for upgrades, and will provide a benefit (the passengers’ choice of free coach fares/car parking / OBC) while the cheaperEarly Saver fares won’t offer any of these- they’ll work like a guarantee fare. No mention that I can see as to whether Early Saver fares will require full payment at the time of booking. And there’s also no mention of the Price Promise – looks like that’s well and truly exorcised…

Existing bookings will be honoured, and will, I gather, continue to be termed Vantage or Getaway fares; so zombie-like, these fares will be shuffling around for quite a while yet.

I’m supposed to have received something from P&O myself – we have two cruises booked with them at the moment – but nothing so far. When I do I’ll post the fine details. In the meantime here’s a link to page on Cruise Critic about this.

I think, though, the key difference will be that there will be two prices for a cruise right from day 1 – there’s be no more hanging around to see what the Getaway fare looks like if / when it appears. There will be two fares available from when bookings open, with different costs and benefits for each. That will certainly make it clearer where passengers stand. The other big issue is this: will Early Saver fares drop as time goes by? And will there be ‘Late Saver’ fares as well, even cheaper?

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  1. Malcolm Oliver says:

    I never really got my head around ‘Vantage’ and ‘Getaway fares’, and the new fare structure is not clear to me. I can’t be the only potential cruise passenger that is confused. Personally I do not think ‘confusion’ is good for sales.

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