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A P&O news roundup

I’ve been catching up on some P&O news that I’d missed. This is from one or another of their various blog/Facebook sites, so my apologies if you already know what I’m about to tell you.

First up is the appearance of Christopher Edgington who describes himself as ‘Director, P&O Cruises’. I think he’s one of the two marketing specialists mentioned in this post that I did a few months ago – Mr Edgington must be the one for P&O. There’s no mention about his previous experience so I guess that (as with Mr Tempest) he’s new to the cruise industry. Here’s a link to the post on Discover P&O Cruises in which he introduces himself. His comments are pretty standard “Gosh I’m pleased to be here!” stuff, but the comments at the bottom of the post are interesting to read.

Next is some information about the expansion of Freedom Dining to Oriana, Aurora and Arcadia. That will leave just Adonia as the only ship that won’t be offering this, but given Adonia’s small size there must be special challenges in doing so. Anyway, Freedom Dining is to be introduced to each of these ships at appropriate moments – in Arcadia’s case it will be in December after her forthcoming refit, for Oriana it will be in May, and for Aurora it will be from December 2014. In addition, Ventura will switch to a ‘two restaurants for Freedom, one restaurant for Club’ configuration. This is in fact what was originally planned, but – possibly in response to passenger preference – it was set back to two for Club, one for Freedom quite soon after it was introduced. Now it’s going to be as originally planned. I can’t see any information as to when this will happen, however.

More information on dining arrangements include the snippet that the ‘Classic Favourites’ will once again be available in addition to the stated choices on the dinner menus. These are dishes such as Caesar salad and fillet steak that you could order if you didn’t fancy the other dishes. We had noticed on Ventura earlier this year that they weren’t available, and I’m glad to see that they’re returning. The reason given for their reintroduction is “following feedback from passengers”.

There’s another interesting hint regarding Aurora – the introduction dat of December 2014 for Freedom Dining is to coincide with “upgrades to the ship”. I have heard it suggested that among these will be the disappearance of Aurora’s library, to be replaced by another speciality restaurant. I’m sure we’ll hear more about this and other improvements in due course.

Here’s a link to the relevant page on the P&O ‘Our World’ blog.

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