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Monday 15:45: Crown Princess has indeed sailed this afternoon – as I write she’s just going past Hythe. AidaSol is still berthed, however.

Indy is still berthed in Le Havre, while Adventure of the Seas is in fact sailing in circles in the big sheltered area of sea between the Cotentin peninsula and the mouth of the Seine.

I think the storm has moved on, so unless something dramatic happens later on this will be my last update.

Monday 13:00: Adventure of the Seas is on the move; currently heading eastwards along the French coast, and looks as if it isn’t heading for Le Havre. Indy is still tucked up there, however.

I’ve heard that Crown Princess will be leaving Southampton at around 3pm this afternoon. She’s apparently taken on some fuel, though possibly not enough to get across the atlantic without another stop. She’s definitely going to miss her calls at Le Havre (which was supposed to be yesterday) and Vigo (which was supposed to be tomorrow), but she may still call at Lisbon. AidaSol is still at Southampton, and I don’t know when she’ll be leaving, and finally Balmoral is just entering the channel from the SW.

Monday 07:30: It looks as if all the ships that were in port by last night are still there – AidaSol and Crown Princess in Southampton, Indy at Le Havre, and Adventure of the Seas just to the east of the Cotentin peninsula. She’s actually been going round in small circles overnight, not just anchored as I suggested yesterday. Balmoral appears to be approaching Ushant but hasn’t entered the channel yet. Now we just wait to see how long these ships will stay where they are.

Sunday 22:55: Adventure of the Sea seems to have taken shelter by anchoring in the lee of the intention peninsula, not far SE of Cherbourg.

The Red Funnel ferries are still in action!

It’s also worth remembering that there are dozens and dozens of cargo vessels of all types slogging their through the channel tonight. Let’s hope they all stay safe.

Sunday 22:20: AidaSol now berthed at the City terminal in Southampton.

Someone also raised the question of Ventura, which it was suggested left Southampton yesterday on a transatlantic passage. In fact Ventura left on Friday and is currently some distance off the west of southern Portugal.

Sunday 21:00: AidaSol, not actually due into Southampton until early Tuesday morning, is just off Cowes! AIS shows her destination as Southampton, and due to arrive today. Obviously they’ve decided to miss some ports, or perhaps rearrange their schedule so as to be safely berthed in Southampton tonight.

Independence of the Seas may also be hunkering down – she’s berthed in Le Havre and won’t be leaving until sometime tomorrow. I don’t know enough about her original schedule to say if this is a change or not.

Fred Olsen’s Balmoral seems to be still quite some way SW of Ushant, so the storm has probably already passed her. She’ll her following it slowly up the channel tonight, all day tomorrow and tomorrow night as she’s not due in until Tuesday morning. My guess would be that she’s missed the worst of it.

Sunday 18:30: I’ve learned why there’s nothing in the Southampton cruise schedule for Crown Princess – her scheduled call was for yesterday, and she should have sailed yesterday afternoon, for calls at Le Havre today, Vigo on Tuesday, and Lisbon on Wednesday. Obviously the first of those calls has already been missed, and the others will be late if they happen at all. This is apparently also causing logistics problems – Crown Princess was due to refuel and change a large part of the crew in either Vigo or Lisbon, and they’re not sure if they’ll make either of those ports.

I am a bit surprised that the captain has decided to stay in Southampton for so long. Not only did Adventure of the Seas sail today but Independence of the Seas sailed yesterday. But it’s the captain’s decision.

Sunday 16:30: Adventure of the Seas appears to be underway at Southampton, so they’re definitely not waiting until tomorrow. Also, I note that the latest weather forecast for the area is now suggesting lower wind speeds (just over 30mph instead of not far off 40mph), and the period of highest winds lasting for a shorter period. So it may not be as extreme for the south coast and channel areas as was first expected.

(This was originally part of another post but I’ve split it out.)

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