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More on the storm

The latest Met Office forecasts show the storm’s main track running rather northwards of where they were suggesting last week: north-eastwards through Wales, the Midlands and towards the Humber rather than along the southern counties of England. That said, the amber warning for wind remains in place for the whole of the south coast. Looking at the forecast for Southampton, the highest wind speeds of over 30 mph are for tonight and the early hours of tomorrow, starting at about midnight tonight and continuing until breakfast time. I think those wind speeds are average speeds – gusts could be much higher.

As far as cruise ships are concerned this probably puts the spotlight on today’s departures from Southampton – Crown Princess and Adventure of the Seas. These ships are currently due to depart later this afternoon. Rather surprisingly, there’s no mention of Crown Princess in today’s Cruise Ship schedule page on the Port of Southampton website. I think she’s on, or is just starting, a transatlantic passage as her next cruise is in the Caribbean starting on 8 November from Fort Lauderdale. Adventure of the Seas appears to be due to do a short cruise to atlantic coast ports in Spain and France, arriving back in Southampton on 4 November. I therefore think that both these ships will be heading SW down the channel after leaving Southampton, which means they’ll have a very uncomfortable few hours tonight. I wonder, in fact, if they’ll delay the departures of both these ships until breakfast time tomorrow? Let me stress that I haven’t seen any indication of that, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they did.

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