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adoniaIt’s been a slow week. It’s been so slow, in fact, that I had drafted a whole post (just to post something – anything) on the subject of the forthcoming refit for Arcadia, and how it will differ from what we were first told last year; but then I remembered that I’d already done just such a post, in August.

There’s not been much news. Various ships are undergoing refits, have just undergone refits or are about to do so; various people that I’ve never heard of have moved (or are about to move) from one impenetrable-sounding job with one company to another equally impenetrable-sounding job with another line; and – well, basically it’s been business as usual in the cruise industry. Which, given the problems that the industry has experienced over the last two years or so, is probably a good thing.

Perhaps the most interesting snippet was covered by John Honeywell (‘Captain Greybeard’) on his blog for the Daily Mirror – the possible appearance of a couple of Asian-owned and -based cruise lines in what is expected to be an area of major for the industry. Here’s a link to his post.

So that leaves me with nothing to do except point you all back to today’s ‘Snatched image’. It’s from Adonia, which today is at Propriano in Corsica. This was grabbed from the P&O Webcam page at about 7:30, BST. Enjoy – I know I am.

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