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Carol Marlow and Peter Shanks have both departed their jobs as managing directors of P&O and Cunard respectively in the last few days.  This was expected; earlier this year it was announced that the two MD posts were vanishing in an organisation shakeup at Carnival UK that will essentially pull the management of the two lines closer together. Here’s a link to my earlier posts on this topic.

Both have posted their final entries on their corporate blogs – Carol’s is here and Peter’s is here. These are very corporate, of course, and nothing in them is going to upset the apple cart. Nonetheless the comments they make are interesting, and there’s no doubt that they played significant roles in the growth of cruising in the UK over the last 10 or so years. It would very be interesting to learn their private thoughts on the changes, their enforced departures and also their opinions about Gerard Tempest, but I don’t suppose we ever will. For one thing, their future prospects in the travel and leisure industry probably depend on the way they respond to their current situation.

Talking of which I have read some suggestions that while Carol Marlow is looking forward to a good break and will look at possibilities after that, Peter Shanks is apparently keen to get back to working life as quickly as possible, in the industry. I wonder if a round of musical chairs at senior levels is about to ensue? One thing I’m sure of – since they finished (at the end of September) they must be wondering what to do with themselves. I would assume that they were very busy and suddenly are not; that must be a shock, especially for two high-achievers a long way from retirement. No more support from PAs, too – that must be another shock!

Finally, I met Carol Marlow on a cruise a few years ago, and I blogged about the event here.

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