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Update: Princess Cruises have announced that Royal Princess’s next cruise will start as planned on Friday. Here’s a link to the official announcement.

Royal Princess’s next cruise is due to leave on 27 September. It’s another 12 night Mediterranean cruise, beginning in Barcelona and ending in Venice. That should be followed by an 18-night transatlantic cruise back to Fort Lauderdale, and her first arrival in the USA.¬†Engineers are currently on board at Naples assessing the problem and what needs to be done. The passengers will disembark early tomorrow, at which point she will sail straight to Barcelona arriving sometime on Thursday. That will leave just a few hours to effect reasonable repairs, or not.

The two cruises have in fact been sold as a combined 30-night cruise, and apparently this has been a popular deal, especially with US-based passengers. They should be getting ready to fly one-way to Europe, and will have been expecting to have their Mediterranean cruise followed by the slow route home. But at the present time they don’t know if it will go ahead or not, or whether perhaps a truncated cruise could be started in a week or so’s time.

Princess Cruises are due to make an announcement about the next cruise early this afternoon, Pacific time. Assuming ‘early afternoon’ means around 2pm PST, then that would be around 10pm UK time.

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