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There’s a new entry on the P&O Facebook page that says:

Tomorrow we will be making a very special announcement

There’s been a lot of recent speculation about the name of the new P&O ship, and I’ll be astonished if that isn’t what the announcement is about. Current favourites are a) Canberra ; b) Britannia; and c) Olympia. The first of these comes from the previous ship of that name, while the other two result from the fact that some eagle-eyed people have spotted that Carnival UK has registered these names at the UK Intellectual Property office.

Of course, Carnival UK doesn’t just include P&O, it also includes Cunard, and there’s one theory that Cunard are to have Adonia and will rename her Britannia, while the new P&O ship will take the name Olympia.

I don’t really like any of those names, to be honest. Canberra was a unique ship, named for the particular trade she was intended for, which went on to achieve fame in 1982. I don’t think that re-using that name in an out-and-out cruise ship that isn’t even a bespoke P&O design does the original ship any honour. The other two names are too redolent of the White Star line ships Olympic and Britannic, sister ships to Titanic, for my taste. What I’d like to see would be a different P&O name re-used, and the particular name I like is Iberia. But that’s most unlikely to happen, and in fact I expect that she’ll be named Canberra.

But we’ll know tomorrow.

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