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I gather that there has been a change in the embarkation port for some of Ventura’s fly cruises next summer. It is now planned that passengers will embark at Genoa instead of Savona. (There’s no change to the other embarkation on these ‘pendulum’ cruises, which remains Venice). The change is sensible, I think, as P&O’s flights would in fact be into Genoa airport, and this will make transit between the airport and the quayside easier.

Mind you, there seems to be some uncertainty about all this on the P&O website. Some description screens still refer to Savona, while the summary for each of these cruises says ’embark Florence/Pisa’ and ‘disembark Ajaccio’ which definitely can’t be right. Then the detailed itinerary screens shows an unlabelled day at each end of the cruise: the day before Florence/Pisa at the beginning of the cruise and final day of the cruise after Ajaccio.

Update: the P&O website now seems (27 September) to have been updated with the information regarding the substitution of Genoa for Savona.

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  1. Hi Tom,

    We have created a useful infographic relating to the Ventura fly cruise, you can see it here; http://www.bolsovercruiseclub.com/cruise-infographics/9-superb-mediterranean-holidays-in-1-cruise/

    If you are interested in using the infographic on your site, we can write a related mini ‘guest post’ just for you!

    Many thanks

    Andy Cockayne
    Bolsover Cruise Club

    • Tom says:

      Sounds good, Andy. Let me get back from this cruise, however – I’m doing everything on an iPad at the moment.

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