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Sir David Frost has died, apparently while giving a speech (as a guest speaker) onboard Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth. He was 74. Here’s a link an obituary on the BBC News site.

When I was a teenager he was a constant presence, and I probably regarded him as an authority – on what I don’t know, but I probably regarded him as right. He was just older enough than me to have that authority, yet still look rebellious. It’s impossible to believe, now, just how subversive That Was The Week That Was seemed, and I remember his later interviews (on The Frost Report, I think) with Emil Savundra (the serially-failed insurer), and one with a doctor who was accused of writing over-generous prescriptions for heroin (then available on the NHS) to addicts. People talk about Morecambe & Wise as being nationally-watched TV programmes part of the national consciousness –  but so too, at his peak, were some of David Frost’s. I haven’t watched him much recently, but his broadcasting presence was a key part of my formative years. He’ll be missed.

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