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I’m having to slightly re-organise some old content on the blog, I’m afraid. I’ve just come to understand that because the reviews of my previous cruises have been posted as WordPress Pages, on a wordpress.com site (i.e. this one), they don’t have tags. Well, I sort-of knew that, but what I hadn’t realised was that un-tagged WordPress Pages don’t get looked at by search engines, and without being an SEO tart it would be nice to see the review pages being found by people doing Google, Bing or whatever searches.

The reorganisation involves re-posting the reviews as ‘posts’. These are in various mysterious ways different from Pages, one of which is that they can be tagged which in turn means that they can be found by search engines.

So my apologies for the handful or so of posts with reviews of old cruises that will appear during the morning.

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