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Our 2014 cruise

After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing over fly-cruises, Celebrity or P&O, we’ve finally decided and made a booking – A418, Azura to the Baltic on 29 June. We’ve got one of our favourite C-deck balconies as well, so we’re happy. You can read the whole saga here.

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  1. Hazel Herbert says:

    Tom I really can’t believe you have booked early again, all you need to do is book Val’s leave for the cruise you fancy and then wait for the offers. Have you not found like we did that people booking last minute on Getaways are getting better cabins (not worse) than those booking early? Even Baltic cruises are full of offers, most cruisers have done this itinerary by now and there is so much competition, so many ships going there. So no point getting angry nearer the time. Celebrity drinks package was offered to late bookers on offers even this year

    • Tom says:

      We really do have to book well in advance. Val feels very vulnerable if a) she’s limited to a particular set of dates for holiday and b) we don’t actually have anything firmly booked for those dates. So that’s why we felt we had to make this booking. But we’ll remember next year that Celebrity did this offer as early as they have this year – I’m sure that for this year’s cruises they didn’t advertise the cheap flights and free drinks packages until the New Year.

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