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isoladelgiglio_portoThis is obviously the wreck of the Costa Concordia, taken from a from a webcam on Isola del Giglio. Not an especially dramatic image in itself, except that perhaps we have got used to it: that’s the sunken wreck of a big cruise ship, 30 people are known to have died in the sinking and a further two people are missing, presumed dead. The ship is being salvaged, and that’s what the various blocks and items of big equipment around the wreck are for.

There have been a couple of stories this week in the continuing saga. First, the Captain’s trial began this week and was immediately adjourned, because of a national strike by lawyers. (Only in Italy….) It’s due to continue next week. And secondly, the inhabitants of the island can’t wait for the wreck to be gone – they’re getting fed up of it spoiling the view and attracting ghoulish tourists. They have a point, methinks. Tourists, however, seem to have a different view… Finally, here’s a link to a site explaining the salvage operation – I think it’s the operation’s public site. They’re still saying ‘end of summer 2013’ for the ship to be re-floated.

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