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There’s always something, isn’t there? We were doing so well today… Ventura was berthed by 7 o’clock this morning as promised, and we self-disembarked. We were off the ship by 7:30, in the car by 7:35, and driving out of the dock gate by 7:40. We had an excellent drive home, and even with a stop for coffee and buns we were opening our front door at 11:30. Getting the bags into the house took a few minutes, emptying them took a few more, and filling the washing machine took just a few more. Then I went out to Sainsbury’s for milk and fresh bread. When I got back Val said “The washing machine didn’t seem to do a fast spin….” So we played with it and found that it was doing less and less the more we played – it won’t even do a wash now let alone a fast spin. So this afternoon it’s been down to Curry’s to buy a new washing machine, with the kitchen floor covered with almost all of a 14-night cruise worth of grubbies! The old one was over ten years old so it didn’t owe us anything, but it’s a hassle and an expense we could have done without. Ah well.

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