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Thursday evening:
We’ve had a couple of good evenings in Metropolis. We sat at the bar and, in addition to enjoying our drinks (Calvados in a warmed brandy glass for Val, Macallan and water for me) we were able to have a couple of chats with the senior bar stewards, two gentlemen from Mumbai. The older of them was particularly friendly and interesting – he’s been with P&O for approaching 20 years. He told us a bit about the challenges of running a cocktail bar on a ship in an era of strict stock control procedures, all of which sounds challenging – managing to be friendly and affable with customers while also making sure that actual bought consumption matched real stock usage. But everyone up there was working hard, displaying considerable skill and knowledge about drinks and cocktails, and also somehow finding time for a friendly chat with the customers. P&O should be proud of this bar – it’s a good experience, and we’ve enjoyed it on several cruises. Of course, it’s the staff at make it so good.

We found that several of our table companions were also in the bar, so when a space was available we moved to their table and had some good conversation with them before heading for the cabin. That will be our last visit to Metropolis for this cruise.

Friday morning: We’re now on our last full day of the cruise and it’s obvious that we’re not too far from home. It’s a lot cooler outside – 13 degrees or so – and cloudy. I’d have to say that earlier this morning it was definitely grey, and was apparently very windy, but both of those conditions seem to have eased as I write in late morning. No-one’s outside on the decks so the inside of the ship is busy – one might even use the word ‘crowded’. We breakfasted late – Val in particular had a good night’s sleep – and now we’re just filling in time before we feel hungry enough to tackle lunch at the Glasshouse. A bottle of wine will accompany this, and we’ve been researching hard throughout the cruise on the topic of ‘which wine do we like best’. Yesterday afternoon we decided that we had been ignoring white wines so we had a glass each of a very fine Viognier – full-bodied, with a good balance of fruit and acidity, and a lovely deep golden colour. But given that we’ll be having steak for lunch I think we’ll head back to red.

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  1. Carol says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog on Ventura, Its been very informative

    I hate that feeling on your last day of the cruise, its the worst feeling. Sounds like you had a great time on our cruise and look forward to reading your next adventures. Thank you.

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