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So we’re into the last few hours of the cruise. We’ve just had an excellent lunch in the Glasshouse – 8 ounce fillet steaks, Bearnaise sauce, dessert, coffee and a bottle of that excellent Corbieres wine. Out of everything we’ve tried in there, it turned out that the very first wine we had was our favourite. Now it’s time to pack, which is easier on the way home: as long as everything in the cabin ends up in a case then it’s job done.

Later: we have packed. As I said above, the aim is simply to get everything in the cabin into the bags, and this has been achieved. In my case a little too successfully, as I realised when I couldn’t find my cruise card. Yes, it had gone into my big suitcase along with various bits of paper and cruise memorabilia – maybe I was hoping that if I couldn’t hand over my cruise card tomorrow morning they wouldn’t make me get off. Val just sat on the bed laughing at me while I unpacked the big case (the last of three I checked, of course), which seemed unfair after I’d treated her to that excellent lunch. We’ve had a couple cups of tea as well as the coffee at the end of lunch, and if we feel up to it we’ll go and wreck our livers some more with one last glass of wine in the Glasshouse. Tonight we’ll have a restrained dinner and a sober evening. We’re doing self-disembarkation which means being in the atrium at 7:15 tomorrow morning. At least we’ll get an hour’s extra sleep – the clocks go back tonight after a week and a half on European time.

This will be the last post from the cruise itself, I think. After we get home I shall do the summary page together with the usual overview/review, and a normal blog post pointing to it. I hope everyone has enjoyed reading these posts from cruise N315 on P&O Ventura to the Western Mediterranean.

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  1. Gary says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading while watching the rain wishing we were on board (79 days to go), thanks. Hopefully with 5 ships in port your early disembarkation will mean you won’t get caught in traffic.

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