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We’re on our way to La Coruña – er, Vigo. The captain made an announcement at around midday that strong north-easterly winds were expected in La Coruña tomorrow, and that because of the location and direction of the entrances to the port there, it wouldn’t be safe for Ventura to attempt to dock. However, he had been able to obtain an alternative berth for Ventura at Vigo which because of its location on the west coast, and protected by being some miles up the tidal river, we would be able to dock at.

This means that as many excursions as possible are being hastily rearranged. I believe that all the trips to Santiago de Compostela will be going ahead – the coach journeys will simply be from a different starting point. I think the distances are much the same, in fact. Obviously any purely local excursions in La Coruña (e.g. the walking tours) won’t take place. What will be interesting will be whether they are able to arrange any new ones local to Vigo. We’re not affected, as it happens – we were going to do our own thing tomorrow.

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