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Today has been a quiet sea day as we make our south-westwards across the Mediterranean. We’ll be at Gibraltar by midday tomorrow at the latest. It’s been warm and mostly sunny. This morning it was quite humid but as the clouds disappeared this afternoon it got fresher and more pleasant.

We had another lunch in the Glasshouse, and tried two more of their red wines: a Negroamaro wine from Puglia in Italy, labelled Lacerrelli, and a Rioja, labelled Belezos Bodegas Zugober. Both were in the medium-bodied section of the list.

On the subject of wine there is something it’s worth commenting on, and that’s the availability of wines by the glass in various bars and restaurants. On previous Ventura cruises each of the bars has had a list of the wines available by the glass in that bar. We’ve found that this is no longer the case – the drinks list in each bar is shorter and only shows the cocktails available. At first I assumed that this meant that only the house wines were available around the ship, and if you wanted anything different then you had to go to the Glasshouse. However on asking (at the Terrace bar specifically), we found that the bars still have a range of wines by the glass. Similarly in the MDR you have to ask for the list of wines available by the glass.

That said, the actual availability of these wines has not been good. I had an excellent glass of Merlot in the MDR a few nights ago, but when I asked for the same wine the following night, it was no longer available. Similarly we had a glass of wine on the Terrace that wasn’t available in the MDR. This was all rather disappointing.

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