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We had a meal in the White Room last night. As on our previous cruise, it was excellent. There’s no doubting that the food is several steps above the MDR food – indeed, I think the difference between the two may be greater this time.

Val had a king prawns starter while I had a bruschetta, and while these were simple dishes they were both very tasty. Then for main courses Val had ‘crusty roast lamb’ and I had fillet of beef – steak, in fact. Both dishes were garnished with some vegetables on the plate, and more vegetables (new potatos, crunchy courgette strips) were available. Both dishes were wonderfully cooked, very tender, and (as with the starter) very tasty. Then we each had a dessert of lemon tart which was served with a sticky ice-cream. In addition to these dishes from the menu we were also given a small Bellini cocktail, and a very small broccoli soup pre-starter – this came in a tiny tea-cup rather than a bowl, so you drank it from the cup rather than with a spoon. To drink we had a bottle of Rioja. All in all it was excellent. The service, too, was first class – attentive without being pressing.

This meal (and to a lesser extent the one in East) has served to show up the difference between the MDR and these other restaurants. The food in the MDR hasn’t been unpleasant, just not at all memorable. Mainly that’s been because the meals all seem to have been blander than we might prefer. Val has taken to having a lunchtime curry from the buffet simply to get a meal that tasted of something. (Val has reminded me that we each had a lasagne the night we left Rome – that day’s ‘Regional Specialities’ choice – which was in fact very rich and flavoursome. But it was served with, or the available veggies were, potatoes and cauliflower….)

Today we’re at sea for the main bit of the run down to Gibraltar, and tonight is the third formal night – Black & White night.

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