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I’ve spoken to a several people who went up to Rome yesterday, either on excursions or independently, and the unanimous report is that it was very hot and very crowded. Two of our table companions were on a very long excursion which included a visit to the Vatican museums (including the Sistine Chapel), followed by several hours of free time, and they said that it was extremely busy everywhere they went. However, in their case they’d never been to Rome before so they felt it was worthwhile. There was a rather odd problem on their excursion, however: an elderly lady chose to wear a boob-tube top and brief shorts, and she was refused admission to the Vatican museum, or at least to the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s. (This despite warnings in the excursion booklet.)

I also spoke to a passenger who was with a party who had gone up to Rome on the train on their own. They’d been on a train at about 10:40, arriving at Rome around noon, and were on a train back at about 3:30 or so. They too reported that the city was hot and very crowded – it was very difficult to see anything except other people at all the main sites. Interestingly, he reported that while their train up to Rome was very busy, and full, the train back wasn’t quote so packed.

So we were happy that we did the right thing in not going to the city. However, we’ve been there several times before, and we’re familiar with the sites so we didn’t feel we were missing anything. It would be a harder decision to make for people who had not been there before.

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