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Today we did a call at Ajaccio in Corsica. This was our first visit to Corsica. We just did our own thing.

The times of the call didn’t seem great – although the arrival time of 8:30 was good, the ‘All Aboard’ time of 2pm seemed very early, and at first we thought that it would affect what we did. In the event it didn’t. We went ashore at 9:30 and walked around for a while, lazily exploring parts of the old town. We happened to wander past the Bonaparte house, and saw a few other Bonapartist monuments – but actually it’s hard to miss them. Then we strolled out onto the harbour, had a cappuccino, wandered some more along the seafront and back again until it was noon at which time we found an attractive open-air restaurant and had lunch. I had an ‘Imperial salad’ (tomatoes, ham, aubergine, olives, cheese, and greens, plus bread) and Val had a Vesuvius pizza (salami, cheese and tomato). Both of these were very tasty; more so than the food on board, the blandness of which has been a bit of a disappointment.

All in all it was a very lazy morning. It was quite warm again, though maybe less so than yesterday, and in any case there was a pleasant breeze coming off the sea most of the time. The only times we felt too hot were when we were out of the breeze, for example in the narrow streets of the old town. We were back on board just after 1 o’clock and later enjoyed the sailaway from our balcony. The views around Ajaccio town, and across the bay to the mountains, were very attractive – on this showing Corsica must be a very beautiful island.

Now we’re having a lazy afternoon before our meal in the White Room this evening.

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