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Today (Friday) we’ve been at Monte Carlo, and it’s our first visit here. We were booked on an excursion ‘Walking tour of the Principality’ which started at 12:30. Ventura was supposed to dock but in the event she anchored off shore and we tendered. This added to the complexity of the day; Horizon recommended allowing 45 minutes for tendering, including getting tender tickets, waiting for the ticket number to be called, getting into the tender and then the actual trip, but we found that it was in fact about an hour – it was a good job that we went for tender tickets at 11:15.

The tour itself did what it said on the tin, but it was a mixture of very good and hard slog. The good bits were the time at the principal sights e.g. Monaco old town, the area by the casino, and the harbour, but walking from one to another was hard, mainly through busy and noisy areas. It was hot, too – supposedly 24 degrees, but everyone reckoned that it was hotter than that. Later, at dinner, we found that other people who had just gone ashore had found much the same areas as we had visited, and perhaps had an easier time doing so.

Tomorrow is Civitavecchia, and some all-day excursions will be leaving at very shortly after 7am. We won’t be – we’re doing a non-Rome excursion, ‘A taste of Tuscania’ in the afternoon.

(Posted early Saturday morning.)

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