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Yesterday was the first full day of the cruise and a sea day. Unfortunately the weather was not good – there was a strong wind (described as a ‘moderate gale’) almost all day, it was very cloudy – misty, almost – and quite cold. Many of the open deck areas were closed, including the forward part of the promenade (the ‘clam-shell’). So it was a day to stay inside most of the time.

We got up quite late, breakfasted lightly, and did as much deck-pounding as was possible. Then we sorted out one last excursion and my internet package before going up to Metropolis for a coffee and a quiet read. Lunch was taken in the buffet before we attended a lecture in the Tamarind club on the history of submarines, by Commander Tall RN. It was the first, introductory lecture of a programme which I may follow. Unfortunately the Commander isn’t the best public speaker we’ve come across, although there’s no doubting his authority on his subject – he spent some decades in the RN Submarine service, including command of several submarines. Perhaps later lectures, dealing with specific topics, will be better. Then towards the end of the afternoon we had another glass of wine in the Glasshouse – a Portuguese wine this time, Quinta de Chocapalha Tinto, and again very enjoyable.

Yesterday evening was the Captain’s Gala and a formal night. We got drinks and then went to the Red Bar for the Gala but it was delayed for some reason and, when the Captain did appear, didn’t seem to be that much fun – perhaps we’ve been to too many such events. I couldn’t help thinking that he must say the same things every time. So we left midway through and went to the restaurant. We’re in the Bay Tree on a large table right by the stern windows, with a good view of the wake. Very pretty, but being right aft means that any pitching is accentuated, and there was some yesterday evening.

After dinner we went to the show in the Arena theatre. It was a typical Headliners Company singing and dancing show, entitled ‘Designed for Dance’. Not really our thing, but done well, with much energy and quite a lot of skill (so far as we can tell). Then we repaired to Metropolis for a nightcap. We were interested to note that there weren’t many people there after midnight. I’m sure that when two years ago it was busier, later.

I mentioned that this was a formal night. For those who are interested -and I suppose I’m one – dress code observance was pretty much 100% as far as I could see, with the great majority of men (95%+) in dinner suits.

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  1. Mark cleaver says:

    Great insight into the cruise, we’re due to sail on Ventura in July for our first cruise….

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