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I’ve had the chance to look at some of the changes that were made to Ventura in the spring refit.

First up was the Glasshouse. The first thing to say is that the decor has not changed at all, which to my mind is disappointing – I was looking forward to the full-on Azura treatment. But never mind – we knew from pictures from other people’s photos that this was how it was. The good news is that the wine menu is the ‘full-on Glasshouse’ menu. The bottles and equipment have been put up behind the bar. We tried one wine on embarkation day – a Corbieres – and it was indeed very tasty and enjoyable. So I think we’ll have a few more in there during the cruise.

I also had a chance to look at the Exchange, the pub. This has been shrunk, thanks to the creation of two rows of single cabins down what was the port side of the bar – it used to extend all the way to the side of the ship. As a result of the changes it’s a lot smaller, and may actually be better – it used to feel a bit like a grest big barn of a place, but it’s now more concentrated around the bar itself. The casino is still over on the starboard side, although I have a feeling that at area might be a bit smaller than it was. So overall I would rate this change an enhancement.

Then there’s the atrium area. This does have a dance floor in the central space. I’m not sure about this – yesterday evening I didn’t see anyone dancing when I walked through the area, but of course everyone was carefully avoiding the dance floor which served to make the rest of the atrium more crowded.

Also around the atrium it looks as if the shops have changed, and the Internet centre now doubles up as the library. I’m not sure how well this is working – there are still PCs in there and as a result there were two disparate groups of people (book borrowers and interneters) using it. But I also recall that when it was just an Internet centre it was generally pretty empty whereas this morning it was busy, so making better use of the space must be good.

I haven’t gone top-sides to check the Retreat – it is too windy (35 knot head wind) this morning to go out onto a high deck. Anyone who booked a Retreat session for today will be very disappointed.

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  1. David says:

    Thanks for the info on the Ventura re-fit Tom. We’ve some great memories of the Ventura – so are quite excited by its new appearance. Maybe we’ll have to book a cruise and take a look for ourselves (now that’s a good idea!). Have a great cruise!

  2. Steve says:

    Great blog, I was on the same cruise but i have to disagree about the Exchange. I used to really enjoy going in there for the quizzes and pub nights etc. Now its really hard to get a table and is always really busy. The tables that have moved into the casino couldn’t join in with things as the mics or music wasn’t allowed to be turned up in case it disturbed the gamblers. I think The Glasshouse was fantastic addition. This was my families fourth year in a row on Ventura and we had a fantastic time although i thought the food in the MDR had gone downhill terribly. So much so we only ate in there half the nights where in the past we have eaten there nearly every single time. Having said that i couldn’t fault the food in The Glasshouse, East or Beach house diner.

    • Tom says:

      Thanks for the comment, Steve.

      I won’t argue with you about The exchange – in the end I don’t think we went in there at all, other than to check it out at the beginning of the cruise. Oh, I did look at the railway posters down the corridor side – the new port-side wall. They were nice – very evocative. It’s a pity that model train doesn’t run any more.

      As you may have read in the overall review of the cruise I also agree with you regarding the MDR food – unfortunately.

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