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Ventura_Southampton_Sep2012_1200_0188Well, we’ll be on our 2013 cruise on Ventura in just a few days. It seems a very long time since we were last cruising, although in fact it’s less than nine months – we were on Arcadia in September and October last year. But it’s been a long, hard winter – for everyone, I’m sure, not just us – and we have spent most of the intervening time with one or the other of us almost continually on the road, so we are very ready for a break.

The cruise doesn’t start for a few days but we will be easing into it gently and as a result I probably won’t be able to do any more posts until the cruise has started. Once it has, however, there will be posts galore – I have already ordered my internet package, which because I have done so in advance comes with 30 extra minutes.

So my next post will probably be from Ventura, sometime over the weekend. 14 nights in the Med here we come!

2 Responses to “Cruising on Ventura – soon”

  1. Linda Williams says:

    Have a great time. Look forward to reading all about it as we go on 1st July.

  2. Gary says:

    We haven’t been on a cruise since Oct and have another 95 days before we go on her (not that I’m counting) so thanks for rubbing it in 😉 Seriously have a great time I’ll be interested in your opinions on her refit.

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