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130607-004-1024x682CAndrew Sassoli-Walker, whose images I’ve been able to use here before, was also taking pictures on Friday. He was in a small boat and getting very wet, I gather. Nonetheless it was obviously worth it: his pictures are shown below.

These all remain his copyright, of course, and are shown here with his kind permission.

In addition to his photography Andrew has written (together with Sharon Poole) several P&O-themed books in the last couple of years. There’s one on Artemis, another on Oriana and Aurora, and my personal favourite a ‘175 years of Heritage’ book – I reviewed it briefly here. I mention all this because I see that Andrew and Sharon have another book due for publication in September, “A Year in the Life of the P&O Cruises Fleet”. Here’s the description: “Sharon Poole and Andrew Sassoli-Walker have been given unprecedented access to the seven ships of the fleet and they go into the planning and execution of a year’s travel aboard a P&O Cruises ship, starting with the planning a good two years ahead to ensure itineraries are in place, berths are booked at destinations and that brochures are ready, before they look at the ship itself, covering everything you would expect to see on a normal cruise, as well as all of the behinds the scenes activities that make a P&O Cruise as trouble-free and fun as possible.”

But back to Royal Princess. Here’s a selection of Andrew’s pictures:

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