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Princess Cruises’ swanky new ship, Royal Princess, will be arriving in Southampton on Friday. She left the shipyard in Italy (Monfalcone, I believe) some time last week, and spent yesterday in Algeciras (I know not why – possibly a marketing event?). She left Algeciras early yesterday evening, heading for Southampton. Current information from AIS has her arriving at 08:30 on Friday morning, which is a little earlier than previously thought. (Update: AIS is now saying 10:30 on Friday.)

I shall be in Southampton on Friday to witness her arrival and hopefully take a few photographs. The weather forecast is looking good, so it ought to be a good day.

Royal Princess will then be based in Southampton for just over a week, hosting industry events and couple of ‘pre-maiden’ mini-cruises before a grand christening event on 13 June, when she will be formally named by the Duchess of Cambridge. Those with long memories – or perhaps just those who will have read Princess’ marketing information – will know that a previous cruise ship with the name ‘Royal Princess’ was christened in 1984 by Princess Diana.

Royal Princess will leave Southampton on her maiden cruise, to the Mediterranean, on 16 June.

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  1. Tom: Princess timings have Royal Princess passing Ryde, on the Isle of Wight, at about 09:25, and reaching Ocean Terminal at about 11:00. The stop at Algeciras was to take on fuel, I’m told.

    • Tom says:

      Well, that’s what I’d been told previously as well. However when I looked at AIS earlier this morning the ETA for Southampton was shown as 08:30; although now it’s showing as 10:30.

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