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It’s less than a month to our cruise, and our thoughts are beginning to drift towards it. We’ve done a couple of our standard pre-cruise activities: we’ve received the brochure booklet, we’ve read it, we’ve discussed it, and we’ve made decisions. One of them is that we are not going up to Rome from Civitavecchia – I got a very strong signal from Val that she really didn’t fancy all that hassle again, for a visit to a city that I don’t think she likes that much. I know when to graciously capitulate…. We’ve had preliminary discussions about foreign currency – do we need more €s than we already have? And we’ve started musing about which evening we might have our meals in the White Room and East. (Note, not *will* we do this, but *when* we’ll do it.) So everything is coming along swimmingly.

(Except – I sometimes get a feeling that I am wishing my life away – and given the age I am, that’s not a wise thing to be doing. But it is hard not to look forward to a cruise that we booked more than a year ago.)

On other issues, I may get the chance to go to Southampton on 7 June to see Royal Princess arrive. I had expected that I would see her sailing out on 14 June on the second of her pre-maiden short cruises – we should be around Southampton that day. But Val has pointed out that her movements for work  that week may mean that she won’t have packed before the 14th, so we may not in fact be in the Southampton area in time. So the 7th is coming into focus, for a trip on my own. I’m hoping to hear from an internet friend what time of day Royal Princess is expected to arrive in the port, and as long as it’s not too early I’ll be there. Here’s an image of Royal Princess on shipspotting.com, taken in mid-April – more handsome-looking in this photo than in the press release artists’ impressions.

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