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gh6And there you have it – the Glass House tree in all its glory! (Hang on – that looks awfully like the old Ramblas Tree…..)

I’ve received some pictures (including the one above) from Phil Brown, who is on Ventura right now – many thanks Phil. You can see his images in the gallery just below; but basically, they don’t appear to have done much with Ramblas except put in an Enomatic machine (presumably) and change the signage; and as one of Phil’s images show, they didn’t even manage that properly!

At the moment I’m pretty underwhelmed – I had assumed that Ramblas was going to get a full makeover. Perhaps in practice the work on the propulsion system and the superstructure crack overtook all other jobs.

gh9And another picture, from Ria Martin. She says, of the machine below:- “The self service wine in waterside restaurant… I’d say rather useful if you are a wine drinker since wine waiters are sometimes hard to come by in waterside. The table talkers (little card sign things) said they have 3 wine options, red, white, rosé all exclusive to the waterside restaurant. Simply grab a glass, pop your card in and you’re off – wine vending machines if you like…“. Thank you Ria.



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  1. Paul says:

    Thanks (and thanks to Phil) for these photos.
    I was hoping that they would keep the theming in Ramblas the same, so am glad to see they have (including the tree!). The old menu didn’t really appeal to us, not as much as the Glass House menu anyway.

  2. It is a shame that P&O didn’t replace some of the carpets etc. during Ventura’s recent refit. I am intrigued by the self-service wine machines in the Waterside Restaurant. That could certainly prove very popular and I am sure something like that may be rolled out across the cruise industry in the near future.

  3. Michelle Barnes says:

    All the carpets in Waterside and Beach House have been replaced, you could tell by all the fluff coming off them! Shame the pool then flooded and soaked the part near the door, so I think they redid that bit again. All the floors in the atrium looked very smart. Underwhelmed by Glass House, was expecting a modern space but no, more of the same.

    Ventura coped very well crossing the Bay of Biscay in a Force 10, although some people were ill. Had to miss Oporto too due to high winds the port was closed.

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