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I asked for some comments, and I’m already getting them! First one is from Bruce Fletcher, who has written as follows:-

As requested here is some feedback on the Ventura refit! First time on the ship so am unsure what it was like before BUT can see little/ no  evidence of new carpets etc. we are in a superior balcony cabin and there is no new decor in there. Sat ready for drill in Tamarind and the carpets are far from new. Most confusing is the glasshouse which looks very much like las rambles . Paperwork is confusing referring to Atul and Ollie but their branding is being played down! I do wonder if the propulsion problems took preference over the refurb? Perhaps others who have previously sailed on Ventura will respond?! 

Confusion also about the retreat which dropped from £99 per person for the week to £49. However there is no free access to people having beauty treatments. I think it might be a case of the changes being too new for the crew to be up to speed about!
Hmm – doesn’t sound too promising at the moment! I had assumed that the conversion from Ramblas to The Glasshouse would involve a total change of the decor. Is the Ramblas tree still there, I wonder? (Thanks, Bruce.)

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  1. Al says:

    Can’t see why anyone would pay £49 to use the retreat especially with the weather. Some of the carpets are new, One of the ones in Waterside was damaged by water from the pool, and closed for several days. Staff were doing some painting during the voyage, especially on the prom deck, which, being covered, was used quite a bit on the less stormy days. Wife commented that she had difficulty finding where she was because some of the corridor carpets had changed colour, so presumably they had new carpets as well.

  2. Al says:

    I didn’t actually see any prices, That was mentioned by Bruce (above). I’ve put a more detailed comment on the cruise as a reply to Phil Brown’s post. I assume that the price may have been for the whole cruise.

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