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There is more information around about Oasis of the Seas’ itineraries during her European jaunt in September and October 2014, and also some hints about prices.

First, it seems that the itinerary for the first 5-night cruise from Barcelona has changed. The information I had previously suggested that the first one would call at Rome and Palma de Mallorca, while the second one would call at Rome and Naples. The latest information suggests that both of these cruises will call at Rome and Naples. The full itinerary will be: depart Barcelona; a sea day; Rome (well, actually Civitavecchia of course); Naples; a sea day; return to Barcelona. Embarkation dates are 13th and 18th of September. The first of these is a Sunday which would fit nicely with a week off work, but the second one starts on a Thursday and finishes on the following Tuesday, so that would require a long weekend. I believe the itinerary for the cruise from Barcelona to Rotterdam is unchanged from before, with calls at Malaga and Vigo on the way and four sea days as well – that will depart Barcelona on 23 September and arrive at Rotterdam on 30 September. Finally, there are some extra calls at the Caribbean end of the transatlantic voyage back, or at least the option of some extra calls.

We also have some idea about prices. It seems that the prices for the two transatlantic voyages will be very reasonable, starting at well below £100 per person per night; however, the shorter cruises from Barcelona will be significantly more expensive, on a per person per night basis. I’ve seen a figure of £599 per person for an inside cabin which is £120 pppn; balcony cabins will be probably cost a couple of hundred pounds more overall which would increase it to £160 pppn. And that’s without flights, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the cost with flights will well over £1000 for a typical balcony cabin. That’s a lot for a 5-night cruise. So it’s beginning to look as if we shall have to admire this one from afar.

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  1. Austin says:

    Just looked at some of the reviews etc. on http://www.cruise.co.uk/cruise-reviews/royal-caribbean-cruises/oasis-of-the-seas/ and they seem to be mixed. The prices also seem to be rather high. Was hoping to go on this ship in the near future, but if the prices do not drop down, then I shall not be travelling on board.
    I just hope that, like many other cruises I have been on, that the standard of service is not dropped as soon as the final days of the cruise have arrived. It’s like they have your money, now off the ship you get.
    Waiting for a real solid report before I make any decisions I think!

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