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Malcolm Oliver has published some possible, but unofficial, itineraries for Oasis of the Seas when she comes to Europe in autumn 2014 on his blog. There’s a link to his page below. but essentially he’s suggesting the following itineraries:

  • on the transatlantic voyage to Europe she will call at Malaga on the way to Barcelona;
  • the first  five night cruise from Barcelona will call at Rome and Palma, with two days at sea;
  • the second five night cruise from Barcelona will call at Rome and Naples, and also have two days at sea;
  • the seven night cruise to Rotterdam will call at Malaga and Vigo, with four days at sea; and
  • the voyage back to Florida will call at Southampton (where it will pick up more passengers) and Vigo – next stop Fort Lauderdale after lots of days at sea.

I’m sure Malcolm would like me to stress that this all unofficial. We’ll have the official itineraries in about a week’s time, I think.

I had been wondering which ports she would, or indeed could, call at while in Europe. At first I had assumed that she might not berth anywhere except Barcelona and Rotterdam, and would tender everywhere else, but when I re-read Malcolm’s review I came across his comment that OotS doesn’t do tendering, ever – just too many passengers for that to work. So she can only visit ports big enough to berth her. I had wondered if Mallorca would be one of them – there is plenty of room in the outer quays. I wasn’t sure about Civitavecchia – there’s plenty of quay length but the channel that ships pass down, with berths on both sides, is pretty narrow – I wasn’t sure that there would be enough room for a ship to squeeze past her but presumably there is. I hadn’t thought about Naples at all, but I suppose the berths are long enough if she just takes the space for two ships. Here’s a post I did some time ago showing the layout of the port of Naples – my guess is that OotS will berth on one side or the other of the Stazione Marittima; looking at the image my guess would be on the left-hand side looking at it. I can’t remember enough about Vigo and Malaga to comment, but Vigo is certainly a big port. There’s a container port there so even if she can’t fit into the regular cruise ship berths she could berth in the container port.

No word on prices yet, however. That will come in about a week or so – I think these cruises officially go on sale on 11 April.

Here’s the link to the page on Malcolm’s site.

2 Responses to “Oasis of the Seas – Possible European itineraries”

  1. Malcolm Oliver says:

    Thanks for the name check, Tom. As I have said before we can probably expect ‘Premium’ prices for what is a ‘Standard’ cruise product. The selling point is of course an amazing ship!

    Personally I’d settle for the cheapest cabin – you would not be spending much time in it.

  2. Malcolm Oliver says:

    Hi Tom, I have just updated the page so the link above no longer works. I think I now have the finalised itineraries. Some ports have been added to the crossings, for example. See: http://malcolmoliver.wordpress.com/2013/04/06/confirmed-oasis-european-itineraries-2014/

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